lasersmileTeeth whitening allows you to achieve dramatically whiter teeth in just one visit. LaserSmile™, a revolutionary teeth whitening procedure that is safe, simple, and hassle-free, produces whiter smiles in about an hour. This shorter treatment time facilitates a decreased and safe exposure to heat. Sensitivity, a common side effect of other whitening devices, is thereby reduced.

In addition, the LaserSmile™ procedure is performed only by licensed dentists and dental professionals to further ensure your safety. Using the most advanced teeth whitening technology, LaserSmile™ safely and effectively whitens stained teeth in just one office visit.

The Procedure – Teeth Whitening

The LaserSmile™ teeth whitening treatment procedure is similar to other teeth whitening treatments. However, the LaserSmile™ teeth whitening procedure utilizes a special laser. Patients who choose teeth whitening using LaserSmile™ achieve dramatic smile makeovers.

It’s Fast!

Treatment using LaserSmile™ can give you the whitest, brightest smile you ever had in as little as 60 minutes! Utilizing advanced whitening and laser technology, LaserSmile™ teeth whitening has helped many patients achieve the bright smile they have always wanted.

It’s Safe!

Shorter treatment time allows your teeth to be whitened using safe and effective laser technology. Since each tooth is only treated for a short time, sensitivity is greatly reduced. The primary ingredient in the LaserSmile™ teeth whitening gel, hydrogen peroxide, has been used to whiten teeth for over 100 years.

It Works!

The LaserSmile™ teeth whitening system will give you a noticeably whiter, brighter, more attractive smile. Visit our Smile Gallery to view before and after photos. We’re proud of the smiles we have created. Let us give you a bright, healthy smile. If you are interested in teeth whitening, contact our office today!